Schedule expert tree removal service in Jacksonville, FL

Worried About a Tree Falling on Your Home?

If you're concerned about a tree falling on your property, we can remove it quickly and safely. Braddock's Tree Service specializes in tree removal service in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

Our tree removal pros have the equipment needed to remove:

  • Trees that are leaning toward homes and commercial buildings
  • Trees that are dead or diseased
  • Trees that are blocking your view
  • Trees that were damaged during a storm
  • Trees whose roots are damaging surrounding property
Get in touch with us today to arrange for trustworthy tree removal service. No matter what size your unwanted trees are or where they're located, we can remove them without damaging surrounding structures.

We often use cranes to help remove trees. Crane assisted tree removal reduces the time needed to remove a tree and also decreases the impact to a tree's surroundings. Give us a call if you have questions about crane assisted tree removal.

Need Immediate Help? Call for Emergency Tree Removal Services

We have contractors on stand by to help with any emergency tree removal. It can be a stressful situation to deal with, but we're here to help!

How can you tell if a tree is dead or diseased?

You don’t have to be a tree removal pro to see a tree leaning towards a building or growing up towards a power line. Unfortunately, not all tree problems are so easy to diagnose. Below are some signs that you might need tree removal services right away.
You can tell a tree is dead or dying when it has:

  • Dead, brown leaves or needles in the summer
  • Brittle branches that are prone to falling
  • Large rotten areas or peeling bark on the trunk

Of course, peeling isn’t a bad sign when it’s normal for the tree—for instance, a birch tree. In the case of some trees, on the other hand, it could mean the tree is sick.
If you’re still not sure whether you need tree removal services, call 904-343-1527 now to get the opinion of an experienced pro.