Get professional stump grinding services in Jacksonville, FL

Say Goodbye to Nuisance Stumps

Is your yard littered with unsightly tree stumps? Are you tired of a huge stump taking up space in your yard? We can help. Braddock's Tree Service provides stump grinding services in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

When you hire us to remove a stump from your property, we'll take care to avoid underground utility lines, remove the entire stump and root system with a stump grinder and fill in the hole with organic stump grindings or sod. By the time we're done, you won't be able to tell the stump was ever there.

Please be aware that we have a larger machine for stump grinding. If you have a gate to access property, the gate must have an opening of 29 inches to bring in the correct equipment. Contact us today to schedule reliable stump removal services.